Server room tour

Went back to office last friday morning because they shut down the building power supply on Thursday night for maintenance and I need to press the power on button for the Servers. We can schedule shutdown or remote shutdown, but we can schedule or remote power on. Need someone to physically press the button.

Oh well. There was some cockups. The power wasn’t restored for some of the powerpoints. So I called the building management people and they came up and did some checking. Feeling bored while waiting, I start snapping a few pictures in the server room.

Most people in my office doesn’t have access to the server room. I’m one of the few ‘lucky people’ who have access into the room. hee hee. But that is because I’m the part time LAN admin.

Actually, there isn’t much things in the server room. Only racks and computers. There are 3 rows of racks filled with computers.

Well, not all the racks are filled with servers. Some of the racks are just filled with PC acting as servers. Or in my own words, server wannnabes. Haha. These are actually PC used by some of the teams as file servers or other purpose.

There is 1 central monitor and keyboard (with trackball) to control all the PC. You just click on the printscreen to switch between PC. I like the keyboard and monitor a lot. When not in use, we can actually fold it down and push it aside. But we LAN admin are lazy people. We seldom fold it away. 😛

This is the most important server in the room. The main file server that every team is using. Look like just 1 big black box right? We have to run backup on this server everyday. Heard that we will be upgrading this server mid this year.

Other than computers and servers, we also have switches on the racks. In fact, 2 racks filled with switches and wires. The wires are well labeled. Each wire have a number which you can find the corresponding number on the office table. This is for easy tracing of which wire go to which office table.

All I need is to find the table number of that chio bu in my office, go to the switch and pull out that wire….. and she will be coming to find me for help in less than 5 minutes time. *Evil laugh*


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