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Keep having flash back of what happen during my Poly’s FYP. This is really bad. Sometimes I wonder if the problem lies with me or am I just plan unlucky to always get bad tutors for my project.

During the first meeting, we left the class having strange feeling. Somehow, the tutor make everything seem to easy. She keep stressing that we shouldn’t make things too complicated. And from the sample she gave us, it seems to be a simple project. But it turn out to be otherwise. My first proposal was somewhat similar to her sample in terms of difficulities. I thought I would had nailed it, but I was so wrong. The marks were so low that I could almost see Titanic beside it.

It was during the second meet up when I understand roughly what the scope should be. Either it was a miscommunication during the first meetup, or she gave us the wrong information. Nevermind, we will put it aside and move on.

Another thing is that she keep stressing that we should get a real life client for this project. This is to ensure that we got someone to get the user requirements from and don’t have to think about the requirements ourselves. That statement seems quite fine in the beginning because we all thought the scope she is expecting from us is quite simple. When I finally realise the actual scope she wanted, I was wondering…. How the hell am I going to find a real life client for this?

You see, we are still students. We can only find startups and SME for our project. Big companies would most likely ignore us. But most startups and SME don’t require such a complicated system. And those who requires such a complicated system would most likely had employed someone to do it for them. Would anyone dare to put such an important system in the hands of a student? I doubt so.

And lets face it. In real life, you will not see such complicated scenarios. This is unlike school projects when they give you a textbook case study that covers every feature of the programming language you have learnt in the module. I always admire the case study in our textbook and project. The scenario is so perfect that it requires you to use every single feature that you’ve learn. And everything fits in so nicely. But you will never ever get such textbook scenarios in real life. Never.

And in real life, it is always best to keep things as simple as possible. Yes, there are many fanciful modules and features. But as much as possible, avoid using them unless absolutely necessary.

Its not that I don’t want to find a real client for my project, but if I were to find a real client, I would not be able to display my knowledge of the subject. Because real client most likely wouldn’t need all the features. In the end, I cook up a nice story to submit to my tutor. A scenario which look so perfect on paper, but deep down inside, you know such scenario will not happen in real life. My tutor feel that this client and his requirements are good enough for the project and he gave me the go ahead.

I guess I managed to fool him into thinking that there is really such a company that requires such a complicated system with such perfect requirements that involves almost every feature that we have learnt in the module AND they dare to put everything in the hands of a student.

Sometimes I wonder if my tutor has working experience outside or not…..


  1. You believe that all tutors, lecturers and teachers are really that knowledgeable and are experts in their fields arh? Pleazzz lah!

    I meet so many Professors of Universities in my course of work and oft times I’m shaking my head thinking, “OMG! this shithead is gonna teach my son one day!”

    There are a few really fantastic
    lecturers lah!

    Just get the damned degree and live your own life after that.

  2. Don’t let the bad vibes of your FYP back in poly traumatize you too much. Just give it your best shot, and all will be well ^^

  3. Chio Chio De Aunty: I know most of them are not experts in their fields. If they are, they would most likely be earning bigger bucks outside than coming to Uni to teach. (ok, maybe some of them got the passion to teach.)

    Anyway, what I was trying to say is, I can’t believe my tutor have such unrealistic expectation.

    I think I’ll be dead if I really go find a real life client because the scope will surely not be enough for me to pass. (Don’t say score)

    Nicole: Thx. 😀

  4. Hi Sleeping DK,

    I didn’t have to do FYP but from what I’ve seen many FYP projects seem just to serve profs/tutors/lecturers’ personal research agenda and maybe in the process help them submit more papers.

    Sometimes they didn’t even know what they want!

    Not meant to spoil your mood further, I once helped my then-bf type out his FYP thesis from scratch in 3 days. I’ve posted this in the comments of another blog.

    Just goes to show how rediculous this FYP thingy was.

  5. miss loi: actually, they can catch people doing this nowadays. They will send your report to a software to check if you copied the text from anywhere.

    And their database quite comprehensive.

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