While I was on leave…

Saw this on my colleague’s blog today.


Why is it that whenever u are on leave, i sure kena something one huh? Maybe we shld take leave together leh. Really!! This is the 3rd time liao lor. Haiz..

From: xxx

Sorry lah. Not I want 1. But you know lah, when you take leave, it just means that you don’t need to come to office. But work will still continue to pile up. I already cleared most of the things on hand before going for leave. But I can’t stop more issue from coming in when I go on leave. Some things can wait for me to come back then do, some things cannot. And some things actually can wait for me to come back one, but the person handling it is a Gan Jiong Spider, so no choice lor.

No prize for guessing who that Gan Jiong Spider is.


Another thing she wrote on her blog made me laugh loudly in office just now.

Ur best friend today very funny lor.
Say the database password very long liao need to change. Ask me got suggestion not.
So current pw say is this: apple123
Then i suggest: apple456
and he say why not change to orange456. Then i say also can lor.
In the end he change to apple456orange.
For what? Why change till so mafan. Stupid leh. Think he very free lor!!!!

Once again, no prize for guessing who this guy is. Yes yes… it’s always him. Nobody else lah.

I want to say first hor, he is NOT MY BEST FRIEND. Don’t anyhow say. I don’t know him one.

PS: I should really create a label just for him. Thinking of using PITA. (Pain In The Ass)


  1. wah, your office ppl blogs all so open wan ah? Everyone can read or you hack into them…..

    I must write a memo to all my staff: Anyone with blog must let Boss know. Submit your url today. Any one caught blogging bad things abt Boss will be pulled out of projects where hot girls abound, or terminated without any notice.

    Wait… I go draft now….

  2. Chio Chio De Aunty: no lah. I only know 2 colleague’s blog. The rest don’t know if they got blog or not.

    Well, you can’t force them not to blog bad things abt u mah. The only thing you can do is to be good to them, then they will not write bad things abt u. 😛

    Your office got hot gals?

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