Caffeinated or Decaffeinated

I’ve been drinking quite a lot of decaf coffee lately. One on Wednesday and one on Saturday. If I were to drink caffeinated coffee, I would not be able to sleep at night. Caffeine still have effects on me. And I usually take decaf at night unless I can afford to sleep late. But nowadays, I don’t have the luxury of sleeping late. That’s why I keep drinking decaf.

If you drink coffee often, you can actually taste the difference between Caffeinated and Decaffeinated. Somehow, caffeinated coffee tasted better. Perhaps the decaffeination processes took away some of the taste. But still, drinking decaf is better than not drinking coffee at all.

I think I’ll still drink decaf coffee for the time being. Enjoy the rich aroma of coffee, and not the commitment of sleeplessness at night. It may not be as good as caffeinated coffee, but its better than nothing.


  1. Decaf coffee?? Please lah, coffee without caffine is like without dk…. no kick.. 😛

    You are missing the most important part of coffee.

  2. lol… i’ve never really tried decaf… but even with caffeinated coffee i usually still feel very sleepy after drinking. perhaps my body is too used to it.

  3. ntt: without dk is no different leh. 😛

    hendri: well, if caffine has no effect on u, then don bother drinking decaf.

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