meetup #2 – Essential Brew

We had our 2nd meetup today yesterday at Essential Brew. It was a great meetup session.

Just like the Nexus meet up, everyone was late. Haha. Not a good habbit leh. NTT was the earliest, follow by me and Uzyn. We did had a good chat before the rest arrived. We WIFI-ed using the free wireless@sg network, which strangely doesn’t requires us to login. Hmmmm…. wonder why.

We ordered Dragonwell tea (ιΎ™δΊ•). Essential brew is not a place to be in for a coffee lover. There is ONLY ONE coffee drink there. JUST ONE! I almost died of coffee deprivation. Yes, I know essential brew is a tea place, but at least give us more coffee choices mah. Maybe add latte and mocha lah. PLEASEEEEEeee……

Kevin came around 7pm and was shocked that there was only 3 of us. We suppose to meet at 6pm. Well, everyone is super late. Oh well. The 4 of us started ordering dinner when Ridzuan came…. in army uniform!!!

You see, Ridz said he is will put on camo if tstar come. But he later discovered that he doesn’t have camo cream at home. So he came in army uniform. *Faint* Everyone (except me) thought he was joking when he posted on twitter. And he didn’t bring along another set of clothles to change. You guys should see tstar’s reaction when she arrives and saw ridz in uniform. Too bad nobody got it down on video. Wasted.

Clapping tree and rinaz arrives shortly. The dinner was so-so. I had smoke salmon pasta. I should had ordered fish n chips. It look much better and the portion is bigger. We had a good chat during dinner. Ebie, the 1/5 owner of Essential brew and also a user came over and had a chat with us. He was rather busy that day with the place full house and a birthday party going on.

kevin and ntt left at around 830pm. If they stayed for another 10 minutes or so, they would have met the chio chio de aunty and her ‘boyfriend’. It was great meeting them. Funny thing is, some of the pingster thought that I’ve met CCDA before. But in actual fact, today was the first time I met her.

Ebie was nice to bring out some desert for us to try. On the house. πŸ™‚

Can’t remember what is this call. Panna Cotta or something? Anyway, I also don’t know what is it. But it tasted good.

I think this is call Plateau Serenade ice cream bombe. Very nice. Like it a lot. There is even chocolate flowing out when you cut it open. WAH. But hor, 1 plate 8 people share. NOT ENOUGH. Nevermind, I’ll go essential brew myself to try this again. Their blog says it will be out of stock by June 07. OMG. I must go back quick before it is gone.

We left at around 10:30pm. Thank Ebie for the great desert! Love it. (And I think I’ll need to go for a jog tomorrow because of that. haha.) Most of the guys left after that, but uzyn, ridz and I pop over to the starbucks next door for a cup of coffee before heading home.

It was a great evening. Had lots of funs and laughters. Great meeting each and everyone of you. Hope to meet up more often. πŸ˜€

Frm left to right: Ebie, Uzyn, clapping tree, rinaz, tstar, Sgt Ridz, chio chio de aunty, some decaying object

Wait…. where is Estee huh? Thought she say she is coming? πŸ˜›


  1. Why no names one ah? I can only recognise the guys and eastcoastlife (from her avatar in the comment above). But who are the rest??

  2. Thanks for coming by and glad you guys enjoyed yourselves! Ok, ok, we’ll add some more of those caffeine-laden drinks the next menu revision yeah! Haha!

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