Regarding the word 'Bomb'

I know this is a very old news. But I was trying to find words to describe them.

A CASUAL mention of the word “bomb”, and apparent over-zealousness of the part of airport security officers, grounded a family of four’s holiday plans earlier this month.

On March 9, after checking in their luggage at about 7.15pm, Mdm Tan and her daughter proceeded to the security gantry to have their hand luggage and bodies scanned.

Then her 13-year-old daughter asked casually: “Mummy, why do you have to remove your shoes?”

Mdm Tan, 33, told her it was because the officers were “afraid that we might keep bombs in our shoes”.

Overhearing this, a male security officer asked Mdm Tan to repeat what she had said, which she did. According to Mdm Tan, he then told her that she would be reported as she had said the word “bomb” twice.

A lot of people are slamming the security officer for following the rules without thinking. But have you ever wonder, what is wrong with saying the word ‘Bomb’ twice in the airport? Would a terrorist say the word bomb twice before bombing a place? In fact, if I’m a terrorist, the last word I would want to say is the word ‘bomb’. So who is the smart alex who came up with the rule that anyone who said the word ‘bomb’ will be arrested? Was there any studies that shows that bomber would say the word ‘bomb’ before bombing a place?

Are we barking at the wrong tree?

The same goes for police and army carrying rifles and patroling installation like airport, jurong island and orchard road. What are they expecting? Terrorist using AK47 and ambush them? Fighting In Built-Up Area (FIBUA)? Wake up lah. There will not be any face to face confrontation. You all carry rifle also no use.

Sometimes you wonder what do the scholar at national security department eat.


  1. Haha..imagine if the rule is cannot say ‘bomb’ four times…

    Daughter: Why are they checking our shoes?

    Mdm Tan: because they’re afraid we keep bombs in our shoes. (strike 1)

    Officer: Please repeat what you just said.

    Mdm Tan: I said, “because they’re afraid we keep bombs in our shoes.” (strike 2)

    Officer: I’m sorry, what did you say again?

    Mdm Tan: I said, “because they’re afraid we keep bombs in our shoes.” (strike 3)

    Officer: Huh? One more time!

    Mdm Tan: I said, “because they’re afraid we keep bombs in our shoes.” (strike 4)

    Officer: Haha! You said it 4 times! Now i’m going to report you! You bloody terrorist auntie!

  2. ridz: I’ll scold the security officer by the time he ask me 3rd time.

    ntt: You want to bomb the bay? TERRORIST!! Arrest him!!!

  3. I totally agree with you! This “bomb” word ban is one of the most ridiculous, not to mention dumbest, things I’ve heard in the news.

    How about the word “bomb” in other languages? Are they allowed?

  4. A lot of these in the airport, orchard areas is to show that there are weapons and guards around. That’s all.

    At least it makes thing not so easy for anyone to try to be funny.

  5. ya, I agree with Paddy. People would be careful when they want to use the word ‘bomb’.

    Oops I used bombe on my post a few times lor! Die liao… die liao….

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