Oops!… He Did It Again

Yes, he did it again.

Remember my colleague was saying he changed the password? Those password are for the development and staging servers. Not production servers. You see, the development servers’ user id and password is being shared among many teams, although our team is the owner of the id. So when he changed the password, he only inform our team. And unknown to him, some of the jobs in development server are using that user id and password. So the jobs in development server failed, and everyone got to change the password in their program. Testing was delayed.

In the first place, why did he change the password? That password hasn’t been changed since day one when I join the company. That is 4 years already! It is a development server. Everyone knows the user id and password. Why need to change the password? Security purpose? Why would anyone want to gain illegal access into the development server? This is not production server where all the real customer data are in. This is development server. All the data inside are fake and for testing purpose. So what if someone managed to steal the password?

Another thing I don’t understand. After changing the password, he email everyone in our team and also our director. Why would our director want to know the password for our team’s user id? He has his own user id with super user privilege. Why would he want to use our id which has limited privilege?

One of the job in production fail on Sunday. The job requires to login to the staging server. But the password has been changed by our good friend. So the job failed and some codes aren’t promoted.

I’m surprised that nobody is holding him responsible for this mess he created. In the first place, why did you hand itchy go change the password? For what?


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