Buffalo wings at Buckaroo

Went Buckaroo with the JR gang today. Brian last minute fly aeroplane. Don’t know assamble what cupboard lah. Wah Piang.

Buckaroo is located at the corner of Sembawang part, along Andrew Ave. It is one hell ulu place. Near impossible to get there if you don’t drive. I always told people that you don’t need good location in Singapore. If your food is good, the crowd will go to you. Buckaroo is an great example. It was crowded when we get there.

We ordered a dozen escargot. The escargot comes in a pan with a little bit of mash potato at the bottom. Nothing special about the escargot actually. Just like any escargot that I’ve tried before.

We also have some deep fried mushroom. The mushroom were huge.

Regretted ordering the pizza. Not nice at all. I ordered it because I was afraid that we would still be hungry. But I was wrong.

Anyway, the ‘main course’ is the Buffalo wings. This is not wings of buffalo. Buffalo doesn’t have any wings… in case you don’t know. It is call buffalo wings because it originated from Buffalo, New York.

Buckaroo serves excellent Buffalo Wings. They come in 10 level of spicyness. But level one is already enough to make you sweat. There is a reason why they placed a box of tissue paper on every table. Most people order up to level 3 only.

We ordered 1/2 dozen level 1 and 1/2 dozen level 2. The level 2 buffalo wings are shoik. It really excite my taste bud. I was sweating while eating it. But the feeling was great… so great that it makes me sing “I will survive” while eating.

I really survived after eating that. Shoik.
We should go again and try some level 3. Level 10 is so out of the way.


  1. Wah! you go makan shiok shiok, I looking for you high n low.

    Thanks for the food review, I have been thinking of going to Buckaroo for the past 7 years but it is so out of the way lor! hahaha….

  2. sUrFsLaYer: then next time order chicken wings ya can say “buffalo wings” =D

    Oh..my blog can only comment via the tagboard nia..Haha..

  3. yes, it’s the most ulu place.

    but buckaroo’s the one left there right? last time got another place with the buffalo wings too…

  4. CCDA: Aiyo. How did you endure 7 yr? You got car still easy to go mah. 🙂

    sUrFsLaYer: I think they person will blink at you and say “Huh?”

    tstar: I know you kidding ah. Not surprised that you never heard of the place. Its quite unknown to many people. 🙂

    Keropok man: Issit? Ya, only left buckaroo. I know there is another place at Jalan Kayu that sells very nice buffalo wings too.

  5. Yum yum… to bad the pizza is not very nice… u are wrong about one thing though.. The mushrooms where got big? The batter that they fried them in makes it look big… 😛

  6. i love buffalo wings tooo.. well,.. basically i love all spicy hot stuff..

    U tried buffalo wings @ Jerry’s b4? Not bad! Not bad!!

  7. Arr.. just saw ur comment on the very nice buffalo wing at Jalan Kayu. Wondering if thats Jerry’s that u mentioned.

  8. zeezee: I think that place is call Jerry’s. Not quite sure. Never been there before. Only heard of it and pass by. 😛

  9. I think the ones at handle bar taste quite bland after a while, the ones at buckaroo is better, at least the ones on the cheesy fries. the huge one with the mushroom is not even hot at all.

    hmm, maybe we should start a jalapenos locate mission, to find the best jalapenos in singapore…!

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