Virginia Tech….. 1 week later.

I didn’t write anything about the VT shooting. Not because I wasn’t concern by the cold heartless murder. But I don’t know what to say about the whole incident. My heart goes out to the families and friends of the victims.

But at the same time, I was also reading news about Iraq. Perhaps one of the biggest reason why I didn’t write anything about the VT shooting until now is because of the extensive reporting by the media around the world. And they seem to have forgotten that Iraq is experiencing the same massacre on an almost daily basis.

Perhaps, the best way to convey my feelings about the whole incident is via this comic that I’ve found on the Sunday newspaper.

If you feel sorry for the victims in the Virginia Tech killing, I’m sure you will also feel sorry for the people living in Iraq now. The killer at VT is dead. The killers in Iraq are still alive and plotting to take more lives.


  1. clappingtree: I don’t know about you, sometimes the media making me feel that the american blood is more expensive than other’s blood.

    surfslayer: yeap yeap. Its amazing how a few picture can send such strong statement.

  2. its not everyday that a pissed person enters a tutorial class with Glocks in hand to pour forth some 9mm. That’s whats so shocking, especially when it occurs on a school ground.

    Zero violence in baghdad, sunnis being friendly with shi’ites – that will be a shocker too. But then again, the world has grown numb to the killings in Iraq.

    Remember, it is the people who demand the news. The media simply fuels the demands. Also, a school-shooting frontpage is more likely to push the revenue margin further than one on a baghdad-shooting. go figure~


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