I dance for Linden

Feeling bored, I decided to remove the dust on my Second Life and start playing again. I didn’t really play much on SL before that. Still quite newbie.

I went around to try find a way to earn money. How can a guy walk around SL with 0 Linden (SL currency) in his pocket? I thought I can find those chair where they pay you for sitting in it. But guess what I’ve found? A dancing pad that pays you for dancing on it.

They are paying me 2 Linden for every 10 minutes I dance. Cheap labour leh. Oh well…. I should find other methods to earn more Linden at a faster rate. Or maybe I should leave it on when I sleep. Haha.

Come find me if you are in Second Life. My second life name is Darryl Kappler.


  1. estee: Cover the face, maybe. πŸ˜›

    hendri: quick quick. We earning linden while dancing! haha.

    nicole: Play while you at home lor. πŸ˜›

  2. I was just reading about Second Life the other day and wondering whether I should play it or not. I’m afraid that sooner or later it will be left forgotten just like my SIMs…

  3. zhen: try then you’ll know lor.

    CCDA: no lah. The game created by ang moh, so all the name is ang moh name lor.

    You wannt sign up also? πŸ˜€

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