April Fool!

My blog wasn’t hacked lah. Why would anyone want to hack my blog? I’m not famous or anything.
In case you still don’t know, looflirpa is actually April Fool spelled backwords.
How many of you really fell for the trick?

I got 3 msn msg, 1 sms and 1 phonecall from friends telling me that my blog was hacked.
And quite a number of people wondering if it is real or fake. I have to create another posting to make them think that it really got hacked. 😀

OK, lets have more fun next year. looflirpa will be back. 😀

How the heck did someone managed to hack into my blog and deface it? Argh.

Somehow, the hacker managed to get into my blog, change the template and setting and post an entry. He even changed my password, making it impossible to login and reclaim my blog.

Had a hard time trying to get blogger to reset my password. They thought its an april fools joke. I had to call blogger tech support line personally to tell them that I’m not joking.

OK, now checking back to see if he changed any other stuff.

YoUr BlOgZ HaS BeEn TaKeN OvEr BlOg. ThIs Is So EaZy. My CaT CaN ChOoSe A BeTtEr PaSsWoRd ThAn YoU MoRoN.

YoUr BlOg Is NoW MiNe…… MeOw….