No more dancing paradise

I think Estee danced too much at the previous location until they closed down the whole place.

Damn…. I was enjoying myself there. Earning 2 linden every 10 minutes. It’s cheap labour, but where else do you get paid for dancing? And just yesterday, there are 2 chio bu dancing with me. Second Life is good.

Long time never dance already. Hope my dance move managed to impress them. I don’t think they are real chio bu in First Life. The thing about looks in Second Life is that, if you are good looking in Second Life, then most likely you are not in First Life. Which explains why I’m so good looking in Second Life. 😀

Anyway, Uzyn introduce to us another place to earn linden. This time, its 1 linden every 4 minutes. And the job is easier, just sit there do nothing.

But still, 2 linden every 8 minute is still cheap labour. I heard that the exchange rate is around 270 linden to 1 USD. Wah. We are earning less than those aunty at McDonalds!

I thought if I can’t be a millionaire in First Life, maybe I can try be a millionaire in Second Life. Looks like it’s even harder to become rich in Second Life.

That’s a picture of me sitting at the top of the Suntec Fountain of Wealth in Second Life, looking at the sunset….. wondering…..
How long will it take for me to become a rich in Second Life?


  1. DK ur damn cute la!!! Let’s be millionaire together on SL!! Ohhh by the way, its not that I danced too uch that they close shop OK! Don’t malign me! You dance too much until they ban you!!! Cuz ur dance steps cannot make it! Anyway Uzyn’s place is so much better. But I camp there until max oredi. They kicked me out. BUT i found another place. I give u the SLurl when ur online. Sit on sofa comfy comfy and eat $1 per 5 mins, OK la. And no max amount. I’ve been sitting the whole day already!!!! Huan ying guang ling, re lie huan ying!!!

  2. ridz: not yet lah. 😛

    estee: Hey…. my dance step managed to attract 2 chio bu leh. Did you attract 2 yandao? 😛

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