Singaporean Bus Driver – Just follow law

On the 26th of April the bus driver suddenly stops just after Holland V. The reason?! A teenager didn’t pay enough money so all passengers had to wait for 20 minutes until another a representative from the bus company came and took the teenager away.

Just because of one guy, everyone’s journey is delayed. Yes, the bus driver has every right to catch those who are cheating. But stop the bus and wait for 20 minutes? Isn’t that too serious?

Why can’t he just note down that guy’s NRIC number, address, contact number and submit them to the head office for follow up action?

PS: I’m not the person who flim this.


  1. Probably the best ‘Just follow law’ example that I’ve ever seen. Totally unbelievable that the driver really thought he’s doing the right thing.

  2. Well, it’s not just the bus driver’s fault. Admittedly, stopping for 20mins and wasting everyone’s time just because of 1 errant teenager is retarded, but why can’t that teenager just get off and save everyone the trouble?

  3. the driver’s probably just taking it personally. maybe he’s had enough of being cheated, nothing to do with sbs at all.

  4. uzyn: Maybe they get rewarded for napping cheaters?

    Kenny: I think that kid is trying to get off, but the bus driver is holding him back. But still, the kid is wrong and shouldn’t be let off just like that.

    goat: Maybe….

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