Testing my patience

Warning: Work Rant Ahead

Sometimes I wonder what exactly are the testers testing. Are they testing the program or testing my patience.

I won’t be surprised if I see a test log of my patience on their desk.

Test Scenario 1: Send stupid email to DK.
Expected result: DK got angry and reply email with strong words.
Results: DK got angry, but reply email nicely.
Status: Partial Fail. Retest.

Test Scenario 2: Send more stupid email to DK
Expected result: DK get super pissed off and bang table.
Results: As per expected result
Status: Pass

Test Scenario 3: Send even more stupid email to DK
Expected result: No reply from DK.
Results: No reply from DK, DK went home angrily.
Status: Investigation required.

This is not the first time you all are doing that testing. If you put in nice data, the result will be nice nice 1. If you put in messy data, don’t expect the system to return nice nice results too. The system has different way to handle messy data. Don’t ask me why. Its a known and accepted behavior since day one. And if the system is behaving as per it is supposed to behave, don’t come ask me why it behave this way. It just behaves this way. Simple as that. If you want to know why, go ask the vendors.

In the first place, why did you pump in messy data? The scenario you are testing will never occur in real life. Then why are you testing it? Remember that error in Feb? You guys wasted so much time testing messy scenarios that will never occur in real life, and missed out a simple scenario which occur frequently and so happen have an error in it. And the whole dept wasted many mandays trying to fixed it after rolling out the product to customer. Who is responsible for that error? Nobody pointing fingers yet. But if you ask me, I would say its the testers who fail to spot that system constrain. Oh well….

Totally pissed off. And you guys got the guts to say you don’t understand how the system derives those results. PITA already taught you guys how to derive the results not once, but twice. You all still don’t know?

What good is a tester if he cannot verify the test results? All he does is just pump in the data, run the job and write documents. Operators can do similar stuff too. Why not just close the entire tester team and transfer the task to the operators? I’m sure the company will save alot of money without that bunch of overpaid and underworked testers.

And the tester’s job is really easy. Don’t know why system behaves like this? Ask programmers lor. And we programmers will crack our brain to derive the results while you testers sit, waiting for us to spoon feed you with the steps. What a easy job. I want to apply as tester for my next job too.

So what exactly are they testing? The program or my patience?


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