I sell umbrella in office

Whenever it rains in the morning, I’ll bring an umbrella to work. But I’ll usually forget to bring it home at the end of the day unless it rains in the evening.

And since it’s been raining more often in the morning than the evening, this is what happened…..

I got 7 umbrella in my office now. No kidding…

Can open shop and sell them already.
Umbrella anyone? Lelong Lelong…


  1. don’t sell lah, rent them out can earn more. Especially when it rains during knock off time, then just set the price high high. Remember to make them deposit their IC so that they will remember to return the umbrella the next day.

  2. LOL. chillycrap is rite, rent out can earn higher profit. i m the one who always ‘tumpang’ ppl’s umbrella.

  3. chillicrap, zeezee: haha… but really…. colleague, where got the heart collect rental frm them? 😛

    tstar: yeap… still got alot at home. You want some?

    ccda: Not factory lah. Last time dad’s company made umbrella to give customers mah. Those are leftovers.

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