PITA strikes again…..

Its been quite some time since PITA strikes. To be fair, he is sometimes a great help. But other time, he is just who he is…. a Pain In The Ass.

I reported the error to PITA. It is his job to verify that it is really a software bug and send the error to vendor for patching. But he asked me to replicate the error in the testing server. It is not the usual testing server we use. Its another testing server… the messy and cannot make it server.

Anyway, I had a hard time trying to replicate the error. Firstly, there are alot of conditions to meet in order for the error to appear. Secondly, I’m not used to the environment. All the script that I’ve personalised isn’t available there and I have to copy them over and edit it to suit this messy testing server. Getting abit pissed off already. Why can’t he use the results from the tester? Why can’t he regenerate the error himself? I thought it is suppose to be his job?

Halfway replicating the error, he walk over and tells me to write down all the steps that I’ve taken to create the error. WTF. Can’t you tell me earlier? And you know the steps, why can’t you write it yourself? I replicate the error, I write the steps? You might as well give the the vendor’s email address, let me contact them directly.

OK, I endure….. So when I finally managed to generate the error, I send him the results to ask if it is the error we are expecting. 1 hr later, he reply saying he was testing using another code and the error did not occur. He told me to use EXACTLY the same values that the tester used. That is where I blew my top, slam my chair towards the desk and went for lunch.

If you want me to use those figure, you should had told me earlier. You told me after I’ve done a testing using another set of figures. Waste my time. If you want exact figure, why not just take the sample that the tester did?


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