Closure? Not quite….

Recieved this letter from the traffic police yesterday.

Its regarding that car accident I had in January.

It was obviously the SBS bus driver’s fault. All the car has stopped moving already and he just come and bang my car. Even the traffic police at the location said that its obviously the SBS bus driver at fault. Yet it took them more than 3 months to finalize the findings. Careless driving, under Rule 29 road traffic rule. And the bus driver got a stern warning.

So you might think its a clousure for this whole event. Wait long long.

The bloody SBS bus’s insurance company haven’t pay up yet. And seriously, I don’t know how much they going to pay. Especially the front damage is only 80% payable by some stupid laws. And next time, the insurance premium will be higher because of this accident. Its not my fault what. Why should I be penalised for this? This kind of thing how to avoid? This is crappy.

Next time, if you see a SBS bus coming from behind and not slowing down, quickly get out of your car, lift up your car and let the SBS bus pass under you.


  1. I thought you would say next time don’t drive, take bus.

    Anyway I’ve never like SBS Transit. At least the lawlessness of SMRT buses makes me feel more at ease.

  2. Ya. Anyway, its just damage to car. One person was injured, but it was a small case only.

    I guess warning is good enough.

  3. buses of both companies have tonnes of baby cockroaches. i know, since i take 2 smrt + 4 sbs buses to and fro school everyday.

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