Nokia N80 Sold

Just sold the Nokia N80 Internet Edition at $550.

I got the N80 last weekend because my dad need a new HP line. His company is closing down and his current handphone line will be canceled. So he need a new line. But he doesn’t need a new phone as his phone is still quite new.

At first, he wanted to just sign up for a line without buying the phone. I quickly stopped him from doing the foolish and use his new line to buy a N80 at a lower price. What’s more, he is using those more expensive price plan. Therefore Singtel gave us a larger discount on the N80.

I bought the N80 at $250. Sold at $550. Made a quick $300 profit.


  1. Don’t think so.

    If he were to buy that phone outside without a contract, it would cost him between $600 – $650.

    I’ve also told him that I got the phone from Singtel. If he checks the newspaper, he would also know how much profit I’m making.

  2. Cool… Er… but what will your dad be doing once that company closes down? Has he got a new job yet? What line is he in?

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