gathering at Geek Terminal

I went for the Geek Terminal gathering yesterday. OK, we are few days later than the mac group. But still, we are one of the few early groups to go geek terminal right? Haha. I was quite surprised to meet Shawn there. Didn’t know that he camp at Geek Terminal. OK, maybe because his wonderful and equally geeky gf is working there.

I tell you…. its a place full of geeks. As in… all the staff there are geeks. No kidding. You need a geek to run this place right. Can tell that the owner is one ultra big geek too. He was showing me around and telling me all the geeky stuff they have. I can tell that he is trying very hard to hide his geeky smile. Haha. And the best thing is, they are not running at full capacity yet. A lot of stuff aren’t ready yet. They said its not fully open yet. But do come for a sneak preview. This place is full of potentials.

Everything here is nicely designed. The place is big and very configurable. You can create partitions for meetings and private functions. There are powerpoints EVERYWHERE! All you need to do is to get an adapter from the staff, plug to the strip on the floor, twist and you got power. Its so amazing. They even have an adapter for USB to charge your USB device. Handphone charger also have. Heard they might be thinking of getting laptop charger soon. COOL.

The table is well designed. Its big enough for you to put 3 laptops. And the best thing is, they have a slot below the table for you to put your laptop when you are having your meal. Why didn’t anyone think of that earlier? The only problem with the table is that it is not optical mouse friendly. The surface is quite glossy and thus your optical mouse isn’t very effective there. Solution? Use their menu as mouse pad. I think it could be a plot. So that you will have a menu with you all the time and keep thinking what to order next. Haha. OK, just kidding.

And the WIFI there is fast. DAMN fast. They are using a omni-directional Ruckus APs instead of normal APs. Way cool. The internet connection did went down twice. Could be because we overloaded the internet or something. But they have a tech person on site to restore the internet within minutes. And the owner keep reminding us that they are getting more bandwidths and load balancer? Don’t know what is that. But it sure sound geeky to me. Haha. Perhaps gamers can go there to play LAN games next time. The network passed our Second Life volume test. I think we got at least 7 laptop on SL at the same time. Everything still load smoothly. 🙂

And the coffee! The coffee is great. You must try the Mocha. I love it alot. And you must finish it within 5 minutes. That is when the Mocha test the best.

The owner sure knows their coffee and wine. We didn’t tried their wine, but one of the owners gave us an introduction to coffee. From the history of coffee to how to prepare the coffee. He even showed us some latte art. Wow. Heard that they are planning to start some coffee appreciation course. I would love to attend one. 🙂

This is the greatest gathering we ever had. Great company, nice coffee and excellent location. Must go geek terminal again soon.

Oh ya. If you go to their website, you would notice that they didn’t put their address there. Well… the location is 55 Market Street, #01-01, Singapore 048941. Its supposed to be a secret. Haha….

I’ll be going there again for the WTT forum gathering. Can’t wait….


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