I'm not a popular blogger

Met quite a few new faces today at the ping.sg booth. And it seems funny that many of them know who am I. I get responds like “Oh, you are DK” and “You are the guy with the face on the table right?” and “You are decayonnet right?”.

But still, I’m not a popular blogger. After all, I only got average 100 plus hit per day. That is like less than 10% of what the celebrity bloggers are getting each day.

Another sign that I’m not a popular blogger is that LG’s blogger relation dept never lend me their new LG Shine phone to play with. They gave the phone to serveral popular blogger for 3 months to play with. I happen to know 2 of them and saw them using it today.

Well…. I not popular enough to get my hands on that phone to play with. 🙁

PS: This is a sour grape posting. You can ignore it actually.


  1. don’t worry, you get half the number of daily hits i get, not too far away.

    aiya! Why you look into the hits so much? Dunno about you, but I don’t get paid to have visitors to my blog…

    So just cheer up and keep blogging!
    (one reason of the low hits is that they are eating your XML feed!)

  2. ecl: ya lor…. you can smell it all the way from Jurong to East Coast right? 😛

    chillycraps: aiya… just say say only lah.

  3. aiyah dk don’t liddat lah..
    make me feel bad ley..
    anyway it’s only 90 days mah..
    not that they give for free..

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