Just some numbers

Warning: I’m using this entry to log down some figures so that I can visit them again when I hit my 2000th post.

I thought maybe I’ll just share some my webstats on my 1000th posting.

I always enjoyed watching my counter. I like to see how people come over to my blog. Its quite interesting. Google analytics provides a nice pie chart telling you how many percentage of visitors come from which website.

Well… its no surprise that ping.sg had the biggest share at 33.95% of the total visitors. Frontallabs made it into my pie chart lately because someone posted a forum entry linking to my site.

Extreme tracking provides a good stats on the visitors. Here a snapshot of the number of visitors for the past 20 days, 20 weeks and 20 months.

And this is my technorati’s ranking.

OK, I hope you guys not bored by the number. Will bring up this entry when I hit 2000th post….

IF I HIT 2000th POSTING…..


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