My 999th post

This is my 999th blog posting on decayonnet. Wow…. its been a long way. Never expected that I’ll blog here for this long when I started blogging on 23 June 2005.

I can’t remember which is the first blog that I’ve visited. But after visiting it, I find blogging quite interesting and started my own blog too. So I started blogging at blogger on 11 July 2002. My first blog was rather boring actually. I had just broken up with my ex and still haven’t gotten over it. So most of my posting were about my thoughts and feelings towards her. I actually hoped that she would bump into my blog one day and be touched by my effort. Well, I later found out that she did bump into my blog and was reading it frequently. But my efforts didn’t move her heart. Anyway, she is married now and we are still friends. 🙂

I got to know quite a few other bloggers from Singapore. Made a few friends thru ICQ. Everything turns out quite fine in the beginning. But everything changed after a few months. I don’t know if I’ve offended some of them or what. Some of the bloggers seems to be always against me in the comments. Always trying to find things to flame me. They keep asking me to stop harping over the past and such. I was rather pissed off actually. It is my blog. I write whatever I like. If you don’t like it, then go elsewhere. Well… they didn’t.

And things got even more messy when some friends knew my blog. In the end, I grew so fustrated that I closed down that blog. I didn’t blog for more than 1/2 year.

Then I created another blog at blogger again. Blog for a couple of months, but kept rather low profile. Maybe because I was afraid of flamers. I didn’t blog much. Used the blog mainly as an online diary. Maybe because that blog was very low profile and nobody visited it. No visitors means no comments and interactions, thus… no ideas on what to blog.

Then I got to know about multiply. At first it seems cool. Its like friendster plus flickr plus blogger. I started blogging at multiply. Made a few friends there. But multiply has its limitations. And the thing I cannot stand the most is that they don’t allow you to change your timezone. Everytime I blog, the time will be show USA timing. Quite crappy if you ask me.

So after a year of blogging in multiply, I started moving back to blogger again. And so here I am…. decayonnet.

So why I blog?
Cause I enjoyed doing it. I feel that blogging is an escape from the real world. When people pissed you off, you blog about it to release your anger. Its a place where I can share with people things that I see and I feel. It is also like an online diary for me to keep a record of things happening around me.

And most importantly, its a good place to make new friends.


  1. Congrats, DK! Quite a feat.

    As for me, after almost 4 years (August 9 would be the anniversary), I’ve only posted 175 on my ClappingTrees blog. :-p

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