Keropok Man's photo exposed on internet

If you are a Singapore blogger, you would most likely know who is Keropok Man. He is the man behind Keropok man – Singapore Daily Photo and Singapura Daily Makan Photo. You got to look at his photos…. they are great. Danny from Geek Terminal even says he is the fastest trigger finger in Singapore. I concur.

But the mysterious Keropok Man is always been behind the camera. Until now, nobody have seen his photo online. He always managed to run away whenever someone wants to take a photo of him.

Keropok man came down to the booth yesterday. The guys at were bored and decided to take a picture of him. It took 4 people to hold him down in order to take his picture. At first, we swear to heaven and earth not to expose these picture on the internet. But that keropok man go and send chio chio de aunty a picture of my backside.

I must take revenge. This is Keropok man’s photo. *evil laugh*

Keropok man: Don’t anyhow send that picture of my backside to other people liao lah. Want to send also must send to chio bu. Don’t send to those from chio bu alumni. πŸ˜›


  1. tstar: tsk tsk…. ur thinking very dirty leh. What did ridz do to you?

    ccda: Oei. Don’t anyhow say hor. We stand at the same side 1. πŸ˜›

  2. waha.. i saw ur backside on ECL’s blog. LOL!! u shud be proud, at least ur pat pat got some bloggable value =P

    Haha.. Keropok man wif a Keropok face. hey, meaning i got to attend meetup to see Keropokman in real life? Good trick. Is that soem marketing stunt?

  3. zeezee: no lah. keropokman don’t want his pictures to be shown on the internet mah. So this is the ONLY way we can post his picture. πŸ˜›

  4. Aiyah, why no face? Even the body is half-covered by the rest of you. To think that I was there and still didn’t even see this Keropok! πŸ™

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