Twitter woes

We all know that twitter is going to be the next big thing after blogger, flickr and youtube. I’m glad I learnt about this amazing tool at an early stage and get to see more and more users joining.

Twitter has been quite fun. Especially the ridstar channel. If you are new to twitter, this is the first 2 person you should add to your friend list. Trust me, you won’t regret it.

Twitter can be very addictive too. 95% of the SMS that I received are from twitter. Just last month, I send 36 oversea SMS. To Twitter of course. I’m starting to find that I no longer have much friends that SMS me. Some even use twitter to private SMS me because it is free if you use the online service.

I’m beginning to know more and more people who use twitter. I’m actually following quite a number of people now. And my phone keep beeping with SMS. My dad even ask what business am I doing lately. Why am I getting so much SMS lately? I don’t know how to explain the concept of twitter to him. I just told him it’s some internet thing.

I think I’m almost reaching a point where twitter is affecting my daily life. I carry my handphone with me whenever I go out. And twitter follows me. I would really love to follow everyone’s twitter. But I really can’t. Its too distracting.

To my friends on twitter: Please forgive me if I’m not following you when you added me. Its not that I’m not interested in your twitter message. Its just that I can’t follow everyone. I hope you will understand.

PS: I got 3 SMS from twitter while typing this entry.


  1. Hi, I came by from Eastcoastlife’s blog for I realised that you were the one whom Veron had a date at Graze with. I think you will be envy of the town! at least I was…

    I can’t imagine myself getting so many sms….how do you cope with so many sms from twitter?

  2. Hi, welcome. 😀

    I guess I need to remove all my photos so that nobody can recognise me outside. 😛

    How to cope ah? Just read the sms then delete lor. I think I’m reaching the breaking point soon.

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