Hog's Breath and almost Cafe del Mar

Meetup with Shan and Audrey after work today for dinner. Wanted to go Orchard initially, but the 2 pretty ladies changed their mind and we went to Vivo city instead. Audrey and I were both late because we have to rush down from work. Unlike Shan who is on study leave. Oh well, I’ll be on my study leave next week too. 😀

We couldn’t decide on where to eat. At first wanted to go Marche, but while on our way up, we passed by Hog’s Breath and decided to go there instead. While waiting for the food, we did some cam whoring.

An updated version of my “face on table” picture? (BTW: My feeding hour is anytime.)

I can’t really remember what they ordered. They are all steak anyway. I ordered a El Grande Prime Rib. The steak is nicely done, quite tender. The cheese and tomato salsa on the steak enhance the flavor. The sliced jalapenos in the salsa make it taste better.

The after taste of the jalapenos still lingers in my mouth.

Something stupid about the Hog’s Breath at Vivo City. They don’t have the option of ordering 200gm steak. They only have 300gm. And unlike other branch, they also don’t have discount for HSBC and UOB credit card. Crappy.

Think we will visit the chimes branch instead. The standard is much better there. 😀

Then suddenly we got this crazy idea to go Cafe del Mar at Siloso Beach. It was already 9 plus already. Audrey’s cousin is working there, so she SMS him to ask him book a seat for us. He didn’t reply, so we went over to the skytrain station and bought our ticket to Sentosa. Just when the staff printed our ticket, Audrey’s cousin replied saying the whole Cafe del Mar is booked for private function tonight and we can’t go in. Damn. His timing is perfect. If only he sms 20 second earlier and we would had saved the trip to Sentosa. But since we already bought the ticket, why not just go Sentosa.

This is the first time I took the new skytrain. They uses something similar to the ezlink card system. You just tap your card and go. The interesting thing is, this card they give you does not require you to pay any deposit, unlike the stupid SMRT single trip fare card. You just throw away the ticket after use. No need to return the card to collect your deposit. Wonder why didn’t SMRT use the same material for their single trip fare card.

And we cam whore in the train again. The whole cabin was empty and we took quite a lot of pictures.

The 2 ladies wanted to check out the rates at the new hotel behind Cafe de Mar. Its quite expensive. But with the backdoor facing Cafe del Mar, its worth every cent. They are planning to book a room sometime in June. I’m going to join them too. This is going to be so fun. 😀

We stroll along the beach for awhile and got bored. So we took the bus back to the train station and wanted to go to their Coffee Bean. But they are closed already. Its only 10pm leh. So early?

Since we have nothing to do at Sentosa, we head back to Vivo City and had a drink at the coffee bean there. Audrey blur until took out her ezlink card and try to take at the entry of the skytrain. Haha… Nice try.

Had a pleasant evening with the 2 ladies. Would had been better if we can get into Cafe del Mar. Well, at least we did see their door. Indeed almost Cafe del Mar. 😛


  1. On the contrary, i dun hv very good impression with Hogs breath. The Aussie Hog’s Breath is darn famous so i went to their 1st SG branch at Chijmes when they just openend. I still remembered i asked for the baby rib which is one of their signature but the waitress serving me dun even know if they had this dish on their menu. Then it started raining, i was sitting at the al fresco area. The managers and the waitress were panic and tehy started to set up the big umbrella which was still too late by then. MOst of teh chair were wet n guess wat their wiped the wet chair with already wet table cloth which onli makes teh chair more wet!! Arr.. thats my 1st n only local Ho’s breath experience.

  2. woohooo… dates with ladies getting very frequent hor. hehe

    I have yet to try Hog’s Breathe Cafe. I will go to the one at Chjimes.

    I tried to book Cafe del Mar for my birthday but it was full tat day.

  3. CCDA: No lah, these are old friends. You wanted to book Cafe del Mar for your birthday party? Wah… super happening leh. 😛

    xdiorangelx: Yeap, sure is good. But actually outback’s steak is even better. 😀

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