Child sex in Second Life

Linden Lab recently banned 2 users from Second Life because they were “engaging in child sex” in the SL world.

On Thursday May 3, we were contacted by German television network, ARD, which had captured images of two avatars, one that resembled an adult male and another that resembled a child, engaged in depicted sexual conduct. Our investigations revealed the users behind these avatars to be a 54-year-old man and a 27-year-old woman. Both were immediately banned from Second Life.

I am against child sex. In the first place, I cannot understand why would someone be so pervertic to be interested in having sex with a little child.

But this happened in Second Life. The 2 person behind it are adults, and merely roleplaying child sex. Is there anything wrong about it? Why the ban? What role playing is allowed in Second Life, and what is not allowed? And since children aren’t allowed to sign up for Second Life, then why in the first place allow a child avatar?

Will someone be banned for having sex with another person using an animal avatar? I wonder.

Anyway, I also don’t understand why do people engage in sexual activities in Second Life. Where is the fun of having “sex” in second life? What the fun? Like that shiok meh? OK, perhaps I don’t understand because I haven’t tried it before.

Darryl Kappler is still a virgin in Second Life.


  1. I really dont understand the law. Its two adults having consentual sex. No real child was involved!

    Question – How did the german authorities got to know this.

    Question – How is consentual sex worse than the xxx industry that underground germany is well known of.

    Bah of bahness.

  2. Call me an extremist libertarian, but I believe that as long as no one is physically disadvantaged or hurt, those people should be free to do what they want. So what if it gives those conservatives the headaches? If they want to have the right to have their fragile sensibilities protected, they’d jolly well start their own nation.

    They’ll be glad to cry themselves to sleep over how “saved” from us libertarian evil-doers they are.

  3. I am ok if the 2 persons engaging in cybersex are adults, but this is a scene of 1 man and 1 kid! Its gross just be looking at it.

    I don think its a matter of consensuses or not, its more like the idea of an adult and a kid is so perverse that even in the cyber world its not accepted. Besides these 2 jokers were only banned and not fined or anything so its a good and cheap lesson for them..

  4. pkchukiss: I believe that people should be able to do what they want online. So long as they don’t bring it into real life.

    Iris: The problem is, in real life, both are adults. Its just harmless role play. Don’t see what is wrong. oh well….

  5. Kenny: Yeap. But quite surprised about the banning even after they discovered that the 2 person behind are both adults.

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