Geek Terminal round 2

Went to Geek Terminal again yesterday with Nicole, Hendri and Veron. It wasn’t a gathering. Just a geek going to his fave cafe and getting a few friends to join in the fun. Geek Terminal is starting to become a place for bloggers to gather. Neo was there to meetup some friends to discuss work stuff. Kevin was there with a few friends. And Ridzuan bought his beautiful date to Geek Terminal for dinner.

I ordered Nachos & Salsa Dance to bite on while waiting for the rest to arrive. The salsa sauce was great when it is hot. When it cooled down, it wasn’t that great anymore. Well, the Nachos still taste good on its own.

Their Soft Shell Crab Pasta is their Chef recommendation. It doesn’t looks good, but looks can be deceiving. The pasta is top with curry sauce (I think) which make it slightly spicy. But it taste great. A must order!

And then there was the Geek Soup. Yes, Geek Terminal’s very own Geek Soup. I can’t recall what’s in the Geek Soup. I remember there cheese, mushroom, carrots, potatos and some meat which I can’t remember what meat was that. Beef? Chicken? Anyway, it tasted good.

I kinda regretted that I ordered the soup as part of the set meal. The soup portion for set meal soup is rather small. Not enough lor. Must order the ala carte geek soup then enough. Just wondering…. can add extra cheese or not? πŸ˜€ Next time I’ll ask.

Then its the coffee. A trip to Geek Terminal is never complete without the coffee. And I’ve just discovered the correct way to order coffee at Geek Terminal. Go to the bar counter, look for Danny and order your coffee. And he will tell you all the coffee stories while preparing your drink. His espresso machine is purposely place in an angle where you can see everything he does from the bar counter. Its always entertaining to watch him prepare my coffee.

Oh ya, and Danny has a special drink that is not in the menu. He was telling us not to blog about it, but I couldn’t resist. Its the best drink I’ve ever tasted. It taste a lot like Mocha, but slightly different. And they even have a name for it. So next time when you are at Geek Terminal, walk up to Danny and order that special drink. It’s call “DK’s Mocha”. Cost extra 50 cents more because of the extra workmanship and branding.

OK, I’m just kidding. But Danny will be glad to write anything you want on your coffee. Bold, Italic or Underline? You name it, he’ll do it.


  1. hey he actually wrote your name nicely! =D As in it’s like ur initials are meant to be on the coffee like that!

  2. Can he draw those pretty flowery patterns into the float? Wait! Then I’ll not have the heart to drink it all down!

  3. He did some flowery pattern the previous time we went Geek Terminal. I think he saving some tricks for later. πŸ˜›

  4. brilliant! I m not much a coffee-goer; for some reasons i m fascinated by coffee art, some baristas can really make an art out of it.

  5. You should check out geek terminal when you are back. Even non-coffee lover will fall in love with their coffee. πŸ˜€

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