Plateau Serenade and ad hoc meetup

Went Essential Brew again yesterday with only one thing in my mine…. To try the Plateau Serenade again before it runs out.

Must thank Ebie for introducing to the folks this wonderful desert during our 2nd gathering. Its a pity that we will no longer have a chance to eat it after June.

Anyone wanna go essential brew for Plateau Serenade? Call me lah. Don’t be like someone like that, lose my handphone number when LG gave her the new LG Shine phone. 😛

Somehow, the food at Essential Brew wasn’t able to fill my stomach. I was chatting with the guys at when a few of them also said that they are hungry too. So we had an ad hoc meetup to go the prata shop near NUS. That is my fave prata joint. I love their Special Cheese Prata. There is cheese, egg and potato inside. Very nice. (And very sinful too)

Had a great time talking to Ridz, CJ, Uzyn and Sekling. Its actually quite hard to do all these late nite supper on weekday if you are working. Student life is good. How I wish I can become a full time student again, and not a part time one.

Perhaps we can have another one when the school reopen, then we can also grab Nicole, Estee and SY along. Sorry to the folks staying in the east. 😛

I think I need to go for a run soon…..


  1. Coincidentally I was planning to run a review on Essential Brew later today. Not gonna be a very positive one!

    And I am sad that you neglected to mention my name. I’m also living in the West!

  2. Veron: I thought you would prefer to have your beauty sleep than come supper mah.

    Don’t worry, will still ask you out for supper 1. 😀

  3. I thought u are complaining fat just two day ago, and ask me not to chio u.

    Quietly you go and enjoy, no chio us, yah, must keena k by ccdu lah.

  4. I only complaining I fat. I never say don’t jio me for supper hor. You jio or CCDA jio, I confirm come 1. 😀

  5. Oh ya…. forgot to ask. Where is Hendri staying huh? West side also huh?

    Think we need a lorry soon. 😛

  6. Haha wah!! DK, you forgot to jio sooo many people! Make sure you remember to jio me when school reopens 😛

  7. SY: Ya lor. So many people, so missed out a few people, still forgivable rite? 😛

    Can, will jio you also. I need to go rent a lorry already. 😀

  8. Wah, I’m damn sad, I’m forgotten also… Nvm, you have east side pingsters and west side, Veron and I will form the forgotten pingsters. 😀

    Btw, i’ve just noticed pingster when typed on mobile phone with dictionary will come out as sinister… Hmmm…

  9. Aiya…. must forgive me lah. So many people around the west area, sure missed out some name 1. My bad.

    Next time I don’t list out the names already….

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