Two paper and a whole world of distraction

Day 3 of study leave. Things aren’t going as smoothly as planned. I know I will be distracted. I even planned time for those distractions. But appearantly, no amount of planned time is enough for distraction.

I can never study at home. There are just too many distraction. Internet, bed, TV, food, newspaper etc etc. Basically, the brain just don’t feel like studying.

I missed the days when I study for that killer module two years ago. It was a tough module. The failing rate each year is always higher than 50%. At its peak, that module failed 80% of the student taking it. And its no joke. I tried looking at the past year paper for that year where 80% failed, and I wonder how did the remaining 20% managed to pass that kind of paper. It was really a tough module. I spend several days doing revision for it. Going thru notes over and over again. I even stayed up whole night once at West Coast McDonalds to study.

And I’m glad that I passed that paper. Although not with good grades, but passing that alone is an achievment.

Ah…. see… blogging is also another distraction. I’m packing my stuff and getting ready to go out already, but I wasted another 5 minutes blogging. I have to get myself out of the house to really study effectively. At least when you are outside, you have less distractions. I’m going to my school library now.

Revision is really going too slowly. I think I’m going to need a panic button real soon. Good news is, panic button can be bought here for just 3pound.

Bad news is, I don’t think they deliver to Singapore. Even if they do, I’m sure it won’t be delivered in time for my exams even if I order now.

OK OK…. I’m really switching off my PC now and getting my ass out of my house. Wait…. need to go to ping this too. Must tell myself: *Do not look at the shoutbox*


  1. hehehe …. ask you to stop blogging is like cutting a pound of flesh from your fatty chubby body. πŸ™‚

  2. scubscub: Cause you long time never comment in my blog already. πŸ˜›

    ECL: Wah… then perhaps I should really stop blogging so that someone will cut away a pound of my flesh and make me lose weight. πŸ˜›

  3. Not too sure what kind of problems you guys are having, but the only problem that I ever encountered with the post page was that all the layout got screwed and didn’t rendered properly. A quick google reviews that the workaround (as proposed by blogspot) was to cleared the cache. And voila, problem solved.

  4. Stick them on your keyboard lor. There should be some space above the keypad.

    Or you can stick on your forehead. πŸ˜›

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