The blogger problem lies with Singnet

The blogger problem that I’ve been getting lately is actually from Singnet. There is a discussion about this in the blogger help forum.

East Coast Life told me that there are some talks about this issue and the problem lies with Singnet. At first I didn’t believe it. I went ask around and found that most of my Singnet friends are having problem with blogger. But there I also found some Starhub users with the same problem too.

So I thought the problem can’t be with Singnet. Until I saw that article in the blogger help forum. Maybe starhub is also getting the same problem because they route pass Singnet. Not sure.

The work around solution now is to add a 2 to the www in the url. I’ve tried it and it works. Lets hope they fixed the problem soon. Oh well, at least my edit post screen looks ok now. Still can’t amend my template unless I add the 2 behind the www.

Oh crappy Singnet….


  1. Hi DK
    Now u should know why I still did not post yet.

    Must wait till they resolve the problem lah. If not first post, keena problem, very frustrating.

  2. HHDU: The work around method is to put a 2 behind the www in the url. It works.

    So now you got no more excuse not to blog. 😛

  3. Hey DK thanks for dropping by and dropping a comment! Hey dun worry I dun just flame up that easily! Kekeke!

    Hahha I like your picture! Your head on the table (is that a table?) Hehehe! Nice blog! Wanna ex-change link? Unless u think I’m a bad and notty gal for posting up pictures then it’s ok lah! Hehe!


  4. Yes, Singnet is really screwed up on routing. Too many agendas.

    Singapore has a “transparent proxy”. You are being forced through this proxy whether you like it or not.

    Performance at times for the transparent proxy is poor, so Singnet tries to route non-commercial traffic through a proxy tunnel. (ie. their non-transparent proxy)

    The reality is that proxy or no-proxy the service just stinks.

    I have considered getting PacNet DSL as an alternative.

  5. Take note, for all you bloggers out there. Demand proper broadband!!!!

    You’re paying for it anyway aren’t you? 🙂

  6. Nastasshea@Nesh: Thx for visiting. Yeap, its a table. 😀

    Harro: I didn’t knew about the “transparent proxy” thing. Thx for sharing.

    Demand proper broadband? Like how? haha.

  7. Iris: No leh. I still getting the same problem when I try to access the edit template page. Need to add the 2 to the www manually.

    Zaini: Thx for the info. Cheers. 😀

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