Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #2

Bloggable or not?
Got an email from Kevin recently. Notice something interesting in his email signature. Below his name and blog url, he also put this.

This email is: [X] bloggable [ ] ask first [ ] private

Interesting concept. Perhaps I should follow too.

Give some, take alot
The GST will be increased to 7% in July. Remember to apply for your GST offset package. Oh well… they give us some money, then later going to take a lot back.

Give birth machim like parking in carpark
It sound so weird that KK hospital is going to change their charging scheme to per minute basis. It sound so much like parking your car inside those ERP system where they charge you by the minute.

So will there be a nurse holding a stopwatch to time you? 56 cents per minutes, PUSH, quick PUSH!

Where is Moo?
Found this interesting project by a moo user. They are sending a moo box using snail mail to collect 100 moo cards. Sound cool huh? I’ve applied already. Hope to get the box soon. 😀

Who block me on MSN?
Ever wonder who blocked you on MSN? Well, this site can help solve the mystery. It checks who blocked you or deleted you from their MSN. Nice. I got 4 people in the list. Ouch… How could you all do this to me?

I was surprised that she didn’t block me. Sorry, I was wrong. I keep thinking that you have blocked me. Sorry sorry.

PS: You need to enter your MSN ID and Password. Use at your own risk.

Ham Ham De Uncle also got blog now
Eastcoastlife’s (aka Chio Chio De Aunty) husband boyfriend has just started blogging. Check out his blog here.

Now everyone in his family is blogging except their maid. So when is she starting her blog? Haha.


  1. i also dunno lei…ok la..some are long time ago acquaintance(they also forget who i am already i think)

    then got some is my ex’s family members…

    but got a few friends…i also dunno why.

  2. i’m going to be so wary about inputting my username AND password anywhere, no matter what they say about not saving my password in their server.

    Especially if they pre-check “recommend to my contacts”…

  3. yojanjan: I think it is safe ba. Anyway, thanks for pointing that out. I think I better put a warning there and let others decide for themselves if they want to trust this.

  4. i’ve got 12 ppl! weird, i even saw one of them sign in just yest or smthing… and y wld my fren block me…

  5. It is either block or deleted.

    Maybe that friend of yours deleted your contact from his list. So you can see him, but he can’t see you.

  6. is not safe. i logged in just now and it changed my msn nick to advertise for it. please don’t recommend using it. I think it also affects the people on my list.

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