Help friend knock door

It is T’s wedding today. He asked me to help be one of his brother. This is actually my first time helping out in wedding. I woke up extra early to go over to T’s house. The task is quite simple, just go to T’s wife house and try to bargain your way into the house. I call it help people knock door. The gals will try to sabo the guys and stuff.

Actually, the sisters didn’t play much with us. Just some prata with chili inside, which we only ate 3/4 and throw away the rest. Orange juice mixed with some other unknown stuff, which we pour away 1/2. Coffee mixed with coke which one of the brother finished drinking and I think having a slight stomach ache now.

We didn’t do anything funny at the door like dancing or singing. The gals don’t really know how to sabo people. We are lucky. T didn’t save much on the ang pow. He don’t know how to bargain. The sisters asked for $188, he counter offer $168. Alamak. Like that how to go Thailand shopping? Anyway, we managed to get into the house in less than 1/2 hr.

Then we went over to some ulu part of ponggol to take photos.

Actually, is they take photos. The brothers and sisters just stand under the shade and watch.

Then we went back to T’s house for tea ceremony. They ask 2 little kids to jump on the bed. One of the relative told T’s wife to “quick give birth to a 龙凤胎”. Wah, so demanding. Boy not enough, twin also not enough. Must be twin, one guy one gal.

Going to catch a nap. Later tonight got wedding dinner.


  1. Some are crazy enough to ask the brothers to do all kind of stunts.

    If I am the guy, I will just walk away if those stunts are really stupid. 🙂

    Luckily Izel and her sisters are not immature and not that siao siao too. hee hee

  2. ya lah Paddy, play only lah! Luckily you got married early, if not I volunteer to be Izel’s sister and play you upside-down. hahaha…..

    Watch out. I will get you on your wedding day! hehe….

    I can get 4 kids to jump on your bed. 🙂

  3. ECL: Still far far away lah. If you cannot wait, then intro gal to me to reduce the waiting time.

    4 kids to jump? Wait bed spoilt how?

  4. wow such a location! hmm… I think too early for me to think of such things yet XD

    I seen how to poor groom and his band of brothers get tortured to do so embarassing stunts la… lol

  5. imp: We went there in the late morning. Not very hot lah. Surprisingly, there wasn’t any mozzies. 😛

    nicole: Don’t worry, your photographer will know where are all the good places. 🙂

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