A night of pukes

Not I puke hor.

The guys decide to take our revenge on the sisters for the food they “treated” us in the morning. We brought 3 glasses of red wine, filled to the brim. Mind you, they are not small glasses. 1 bottle of wine can only fill 2 1/2 glasses. And we made the sisters drink it. Of cause, we also drink with them.

One of the sister was drank and went toilet to puke. Luckily for us, the hotel gave T two rooms. One for the couple and one for the “helpers”. So we send her to the room to rest.

Can’t believe they didn’t make T drink much. I said I will not be helping T to block the drinks. The only way I’ll help T that night is not to make him drink. I guess its the best way to help. He was still very sober when the guest were leaving. Very unlike the usual wedding in our company.

So after all the guest left, we decided to continue the drinking session. So we went up the newly wed’s hotel room with 2 bottle of red wine. The hotel also provided a bottle of champagne. And so, we made the couple drink until T puke into the champagne bucket. He wasn’t in time to rush to the restroom, so I grab the nearest container for him to puke. Some of his puke landed on my hand! Wah piang, cannot aim properly one.

Since there were still wine and T has already knock out, I decide to make the other sister drink. She was the most sober one in the room anyway. 15 minutes later, she also knock out. We put her next to the other sister in the helper’s room and started taking photos of their drunk state. Haha. We were evil. Eating out supper while joking with the 2 drunkard. Making them reveal secrets about themselves. The 2 of them keep going to the toilet to puke. We have to go and help support them in case they fall into the toilet bowl. At one point, both of them went to the restroom to puke together, one into the toilet bowl and the other one into the bathtub. We help them back to the bed and wash up the toilet after they puke. Then we continue to eat our supper while waiting for them to sober up. I think we best, after seeing people puke, still can continue to eat.

When they are slight more sober, I send both of them home together with another sister who didn’t drink much. It was like going half way round Singapore on a cab. The Taxi uncle must be very happy that night.

I think I’m going to be blacklisted in the future for all my colleagues’ and friends’ wedding. Oh well… it was fun.


  1. Nicole: Drinking + seeing other people puking = hilarious fun.

    Especially if the person is someone who talks a lot when drunk. πŸ˜€

  2. =) fun nite acting merlion??

    Do u noe those jugs in the pubs are common container for holding puke too?? Waha.. n we still drink beer from ’em jug.

  3. zeezee: I guess they wash it clean enough before using it to serve the next customer.

    Just don’t think about it when you drink lah. πŸ˜›

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