Back to the retirement village

My exams are finally over. *wipe sweat*

I took 7 days leave this time round for the 2 papers I’m taking. That is quite a record. I don’t usually take such a long leave to prepare for my exams. If I add the weekends, it would be 11 days to prepare for 2 papers. But well, I didn’t study for the whole of 11 days. Quite a number of days were spend on those little distractions.

Anyway, I’m glad that the exam is over. The rest of the week is going to be quite busy for me too. But at least they are towards the fun side. So I guess I’m going to enjoy it. But don’t think I’ll be able to update my blog often until the weekend. We’ll see how.

Now that my exams are over, its time for me to go back to work. Back to office. Or a place where I sometimes call retirement village. Not that I’m there to retire, but I feel that a lot of people are there waiting for their retirement. Quite sad. But seriously, if you are old, my company is actually quite a good place to wait for retirement.

And I’m quite sick of those people there waiting for their retirement.

For the past 11 days, I didn’t check my office email. That is quite unlike me. In the past, I would still check my office email when I’m on leave. But nowadays, the heart is no longer with the company anymore. I just want to get away from the company.

I guess I’ll start finding a new job soon. I don’t want to retire there. At least not now.


  1. In retirement village still need to work meh? Knock out liao lah! Everyday go fishing (syt), stirring (coffee), gossiping,
    waiting (to die)…..

  2. May, Jun, July are good months for changing jobs as there are more jobs opening in the markets. I am trying to move out of my comfort zone as well.

  3. ECL: Well…. basically, one can actually smoke out and don’t work one leh.

    Planter: yeap yeap. But they are also the month where most people are looking for jobs. Esp when the Uni grads just finish their studies.

  4. Those people in retirement village dun need to know how to work. They only need to know how to delegate out their work to others. At least that’s what one of my colleague is doing…

  5. =P make me think of changing job too.. i m too happy in my own comfort zone and yet not too sure where my next move shall be.

    DK, wat r u studying now??

  6. zhenzhen: Wah. Even your office also got people with RM? Poor you.

    zeezee: Sometimes, just follow where the road leads you.

    I’m doing my degree in IT.

  7. Why not try starting something on the side first DK? Something that can perhaps bring in some revenue here and there?

  8. Paddy: I have a few plans in my mind currently. Don’t know which route to take.

    Well… that’s another blog entry.

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