Just came back from blogout. It was a cool event. I’m so glad that I left my office at 6pm sharp and hoot cab down to geek terminal.

And being the first blogout, I guess it was a lesson for many of us. For the geek terminal staff, it is their first time holding such a big event at their place. I guess they will have more of such events in the future. is planning to have its 1st Anniversary party there. Although we don’t have such a big crowd, the experience we had today is useful for our planning.

TDM is great. They organised one great event after another. I’m going to look out for more events organised by TDM. When you see the brand name TDM, you can be sure its going to be a great event.

But one thing to note, the panel for Nexus was very successful, but the discussion wasn’t so good. But for this blogout, the discussion was quite well done, but the panel wasn’t as good. Perhaps its the venue. Too friendly for small group discussion, to a point where people are having their own discussion during the panel.

Too bad Genie couldn’t perform live as she is sick. But she managed to come and and have a short talk. CCDA also went up to talk a bit about her being nominated as the hottest mommy. Hey, she’s in the top 10 ok! Uzyn was one of the panelist for the only panel of the day. But the crowd is too noisy. Argh.’s present can be felt at the entire event. We are forming a very strong and united community. Hope it will continue to grow.

Great event. Nice chance for networking. I still need to work on my networking skill.


  1. hahaha, i didn’t realise that was you. well, Hi from harmless?bananas! to you -) it was a good event, met a lot of people and was the first time i stepped out of the comforts of my own blog -)

    you’re free to take the picture of my blog! haha

  2. Hey dk, sorry I didn’t get to introduce myself to you at that event. Pleased that you liked the event and we’ll definitely be hosting more of this kind. But really, feel free to suggest some cool ideas to us too. Really appreciate your feedback on the panel, it prob was the sound system and the incorrect atmostphere to have it in the program. Thanks a lot for coming down!

  3. litford: Haha… no point getting that picture since it only shows my back view. 😀

    Wayne: I think its more of the sitting arrangement during the panel. Nothing to do with the sound system. But still, it was a good event. Looking forward to more!

  4. DK, how do you like the idea of putting the panelists sitting amid all the participants:

    xxx Windows xxxx
    xxx Panel xxxxxx
    xxx Entrance xxx

  5. Peter: Sorry, but I feel that it would be even worst. The whole thing is, there is no focus on the panelist.

    I think the best way is to arrange the seats in straight rows facing the panelist. And if possible, get a platform to put the panelist on a higher ground.

    After the panel, we can re-arrange the seats for discussion.

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