When was the last time you had a dream?

When was the last time you had a dream? I’m not referring to those dreams you had when you are sleeping. I’m referring to daydreaming.

I used to daydream alot. I used to dream about being the founder and CEO of a large Singapore based handphone, PDA and laptop maker. The company comes out with lots of amazing gadgets that took the world by storm.

It was a great dream. Something too far reached, but worth working towards. Perhaps its not quite possible to reach the same scale, but perhaps just part of it is good enough.

But I haven’t been dreaming about those things lately. And I was wondering why. Why did I stop daydreaming? I always told people that the successful people are those with a crazy dream and dare to pursuit their dream.

If someone told you they are going to do virtual real estate 5 years ago, you will most likely say that guy is crazy. Crazy it may sound, but that is what Linden Lab is doing now. Its call Second life. See how successful it is now.

Every successful person begin their journey with a dream. And I guess perhaps it is really I time for me to sit down and start dreaming of the future again. I was telling myself last Wednesday that I want to use this weekend to think of the future. But before I can really start to think of the future, I must have a dream first. And what is my dream? I asked myself several times over the past few days without any answer. I have been too busy over the past one year to dream.

Is my dream working in my current company till I retire? Or find another job and work till I grow old? Or am I dreaming of coming out of the comfort zone and start doing something for the society? Creating something that everyone will say “wow” when they see it? What is my dream? I don’t know. I only know that I’m not in the position that I want to be now. And I seriously need to do something about it.

When was the last time you had a dream? I seriously can’t remember. Perhaps I’m too busy to dream. Perhaps I was being too practical. Perhaps I just didn’t dare to dream. Perhaps I had too much commitment. Perhaps perhaps perhaps…..

Whatever it is, I’ll be dreaming this weekend and chasing those dreams from monday onwards.


  1. This blog entry itself is a statement of a dream to be realised.

    It is the first step that is the most difficult and the rest of the steps are to make it the dream a reality. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. sometimes we tend to get so caught up in our everyday lives or work…that we’ve stopped dreaming.

    the danger is not realising this…or realising it but choosing not to do anything about it.

    i think u just might have by-passed that danger.

  3. Ask deeply yourself, what do you really like. Do something that gap with your passion and hobby and bring this out to the world through the web. It’s that simple, no rocket science.

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