For goodness sake, take up some computer fundamental courses

I always wonder how an office in the past operates without a computer. I came to the working world when computer can be found in almost every office. In fact, I spend almost my time at office in front of a computer. I cannot imagine how to get things done in an office without a computer. Well, ok, perhaps it’s because I’m in the IT line. But even if you are in other industries, you would most likely be facing a computer most of the time in office. Can you imagine a day in office without computer?

We spend so much time in front of the computer each day, using it to help us to do our work more efficiently. Yet many people don’t bother to learn more about computers. I’m not talking about those advance stuff like networking or programming. I’m talking about basic computer knowledge. Like how to use Microsoft Office or basic computer operation.

My ex-director is well known for asking for help when comes to preparing power point slide and excel spreadsheet for presentations. I’ve lost count of the number of times he asked into his office to teach him simple stuff like how to attached a word document into an power point slide to how to plot a graph. I still remember once he asked me something about excel.

“What does the ‘=$A$1’ means in excel formula? Why got $ sign?”

I always tried my best to explain to him without making him feel like he is a fool. But when the questions are these simple, it’s rather hard. And this guy is actually earning 3 or 4 times more salary than me! I’m glad that he was transferred to another department and I don’t need to go teach him the basic office fundamentals.

But then, this is not a unique case. There are really tons of people who have no basic computer skills. As the part time LAN admin in the office, I get to encounter many of such people.

Recently, one of my colleagues emailed me for help saying her Windows is behaving strangely and been rather laggy. So I went over to check what went wrong. After some checking, I suspect it was cause by one of the in-house software that she is using. So I asked her how she installed that program.

Her reply shocked me. “I didn’t install it. I ask someone to help me install one. I don’t know how to install lah. Every time ask people help me install this and that, then I use lor.”

Mind you, we are working in a IT department. And you don’t know how to install a program by yourself? I’m actually alright if you are working in other industries like accounting or business or even engineering. But this is the IT industries leh.

For goodness sake, go to the nearest community club, check out their latest computer fundamental course and learn some basic computer skills. You are working in the IT line.


  1. there will always be people who dunno the fundamentals of using a computer. Normally, they won’t even bother to learn, unless it’s bread and butter, like us in the IT industry.

  2. Haha.. exactly my feelings. Even in very tech-heavy jobs, I see people who have little/no basic knowledge of the area, working and struggling at their jobs..

    I really wonder how they get hired in the 1st place.. :S

  3. Haha, they being in the IT industry doesn’t mean they know the fundamental knowledge.

    The main reason they got hired? Because of their knowledge and theory.

  4. For someone who is that critical about the IT skills of his colleagues, I must be very flattered when you praised me for my IT skills liao..! Heh heh!

  5. Nicole: I have totally no idea how did they get hired. And they been working there for many many years already.

    Iris: Cause you are not working in a IT line. If you in IT line, I’ll use different benchmark for you. 😛

    But then, your IT knowledge not bad lah. Some of my colleagues really lose you flat flat.

  6. Oh shit. I learnt about the $ thingie during my statistics module but I forgot.

    It signifies what? Constant is it? As in it’ll always take the value in that particular cell?

  7. Kenny: I don’t know what is it call. Anyway, what it does is that when you copy that cell to another cell, the pointer never change. Is it call a constant? Not sure. 😛

    Yen Cheng: We long time no use floppy disk already. So haven’t encounter this before. But I won’t be surprise if someone really ganna this.

  8. It is about different perspectives. Different role different jobscope. What is apparent to you might not be apparent to others..

    and that is also how opportunities are discovered 🙂

  9. Astro: You are right. But still, I feel that if you are in the IT line, the least you should is have some basic IT skills.

    Not asking for complicated excel commands like vlookup or stuff. But at least should know the basic ones. And even if you don’t know, you should also know where online you can find out about it. 🙂

  10. dk,
    You critcising me? I’m a real IT idiot. I dun know how to install programmes too. I need someone to do my powerpoint presentation. Jaymes helps me with my IT needs. Yes, I know it is important to learn more, but too busy and lazy to do it. hehehe….

  11. ECL: I not referring to you lah. You are not working in the IT line. I’m saying those people who are working in IT line but don’t have the basic IT knowledge.

    I where dare to say you? 😛

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