I just got my Hitchoo cards today.

Hitchoo has a very interesting concept. You give the Hitchoo card to someone you met, he/she checks your profile on hitchoo and contact you. Its alot better than giving out namecards or moocards. Especially when you just met the gal.

Oh ya… the card is made using good quality material. Not those cheapo cards. I’m sure the person receiving the card would be impressed by it.

I quite like the concept behind hitchoo. Thanks to Kevin for recommending this website. Too bad I didn’t get to meet Yinghan at blogout.

Actually, I have a better idea on how to use this Hitchoo card too. You exchange your card with one of your friend. So you pass your friend’s hitchoo card to someone you think your friend might be interested in and your friend do the same for your card. Take it as a blind date or something.

Anyone want to exchange Hitchoo card? And don’t sabo me go give it to a old lady hor!


  1. I heard estee, mentioned kelong at the blogout, it might be worth exploring, new ideas and innovations might be developed after the gathering, in a relaxing environment.

  2. What’s the difference between this and social networks like Friendster? Check out each others profiles isn’t something new. I like the card idea though.

  3. bee nee: actually, they can still stalk after logging in and finding your contacts. šŸ˜›

    Henry: Yes, I think now is the right time in Singapore to come out with innovative ideas. The recent gathering by TDM and village talk has been very encouraging. Hope to see more of such events.

  4. Ben: I think the main different now is the Card. But I’m sure they will come out with more features down the road. Its still rather new with few members only.

    Feel that Hitchoo has lots of potential for future developments. šŸ™‚

  5. Hmmmmm….like going in circles leh! But again, for blind dates, maybe a good idea when the guy or gal is shy.

  6. brennan: Its supposed to help the conservative Singaporean. Giving this card is much less awkward than going up and say hi and give her your contacts.

    tigerfish: Why going in circles leh?

  7. I agree with Brennan that it’s a bit awkward to still be giving out cards (for social reasons) at this day and age. In addition, people nowadays are more direct and prefer shortcuts, e.g. pop diet pills instead of exercising. šŸ™‚

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