tenCube BlogIn

I’m going to NUS later to attend a BlogIn event by tenCube. Exactly… what is a BlogIn? I know BlogOut, but BlogIn? Hhhhmmm….

Anyway, I heard that tenCube has a system than can remotely backup your handphone contacts and stuff. And even delete everything in case your handphone got stolen. Interesting. Will learn more about it later.

Lets home I don’t lose my way in NUS.


  1. It looks like an attempt to ride on blogging to showcase their commercial products? Looks similar to Paddy’s bak2u.com

  2. Belinda: Yes, they are indeed riding on blogs to showcase their products. Actually, I like those companies that makes use of the new media. That why I’m going to check them out.

    It actually works quite differently from back2u.

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