Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #4

Pure time waster
If you got spare time, try this Endless Zombie Rampage game.

If you still have more time to waste, go ahead and waste it on Desktop Tower Defense

Its hard to find anymore spare time after this 2 games. Trust me.

Not sure if you notice, but the picture of the crossroad in this post was actually photoshopped by me. This picture is actually from the movie castaway. Its the ending where Tom Hanks was standing at a cross road junction thinking where to go next. The original picture looked like this.

Would you notice that I photoshopped the picture if I didn’t tell you?

SPUG is back
The Singapore Palm User Group website is finally back online after being down for nearly 7 month. Missed the forum so much. We had so much fun and laughter in the past.

Things aren’t really the same now. I wonder if SPUG will ever be as strong as it used to be.

Beware of your Hitchoo cards
After the Geek Terminal launch party, I’ve learnt that I have to keep my Hitchoo card in a secure place. What happen was, Uzyn snatched it away from me and took one of the Hitchoo card. I have totally no idea who he gave the Hitchoo card to. I have no problem if he gave to some of the pretty gals around. But really don’t know Uzyn’s taste lor. Wait she give a old lady how?

Anyway, I managed to get back the Hitchoo cards shortly after beating him repeatly on his arms. Like the way he hit me before his Village Talk.

More about Hitchoo
I got an email from Yinghan because I mentioned about Hitchoo cards in my blog. I’m still trying to brainstorm all the areas where Hitchoo can improve on. It’s a very new startup and there are lots and lots of rooms for improvements. It’s nice to see many positive feedbacks on Kevin’s blog.

Don’t think I can release the details from the email. But all I can say is, remember not to give out all your 8 Hitchoo cards. Keep at least one. You’ll find out why soon. 🙂

EastCoastLife is the last person you want to seek help from
If you ever get your dick stuck on your zipper, the LAST person you want to seek help from is EastCoastLife (AKA Chio Chio De Aunty). What happened was one of her employee got his dick stuck on the zipper and someone got her to help unstuck the situation.

She twitter for help, shouted in shoutbox and blog about the whole incident when its done.

The past was tomorrowed, hardwarezoned, sammyboyed and appearing at many other forums. It even went up Shin Min Daily News on 30th May, front page!

Seriously, if my dick ever got stuck on the zipper, please please please don’t get EastCoastLife to help me.


  1. hahahaha…. scared leh!

    But it’s not my fault, a bloody busybody reporter who wants to boost her papers’ sales did it!

    I’m also a victim leh, I have to go hiding now!

  2. only a few hours? I’m been playing it since I came into office. Haven’t even got time to read the other entries in before your entry 🙁

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