Troublesome Jack's Place voucher

My cousin gave my family a Jack’s Place voucher to redeem a butter cake for his son’s full month. This is the first time I’ve seen a cake voucher from Jack’s Place. Whenever there is a baby full month, the parents will usually get cake voucher from bengawan solo. And I soon found out the reason why.

The Jack’s Place voucher expect you to call 3 days in advance before the collection. I’m still fine with that, since they need to specially prepare the cake. So I called the Bukit Panjang branch telephone number as stated on the voucher only to discover that there is a printing error on the voucher. That number is actually the compass point branch. So unprofessional. Anyway, I managed to get Bukit Panjang branch telephone number from staff at compass point branch. When I called Bukit Panjang branch, I was told that I need to call their bakery instead of contacting the Restaurant directly.

The voucher said “Please contact any Jack’s Place group of Restaurants 3 days before collection date”.

If you want customer to call your bakery directly then why the need to print all your restaurants telephone number? There are so many telephone number on the voucher. How do you expect customer to know which number to call?

And the WORST part was, the voucher is only valid for 1 month! 30 days!! Even TOTO and 4D also give you 3 months to collect your prize.

Now I understand why Bengawan Solo is still the most preferred choice when people choose cake for baby’s full month. You don’t need to call them in advance. There is no printing error on their voucher. And they allow you to collect your cake anytime within one year. 365 days!

Which reminds me….. I got a Bengawan Solo voucher from a colleague on Aug last year. Going to expire soon. Better go collect.


  1. Jack’s Place service is getting from bad to worse. I’ve had really bad experiences there before. Never ever gonna dine there again.

  2. Jack’s place food is quite good. Last had it at Bras Besah branch. Other branches standard drop alot. very disappointing.

    Food standards not consistent throughout all their branches.

  3. alamak, something must have “cocked up” in the Jack place instructions. But if I were you, I would also be irritated man! Then I would complainX3 (I singaporean mah!) and make them give me a free set-lunch :O ….(just because I only like Jack place value-for-$ set lunches).

  4. Haha! Free cake with strings attached by way of making it as difficult for you to get it as possible. Jack had better get his act together!

  5. tigerfish: ya lor. super duper cock up. Don’t want complain lah. Wait their free set lunch also comes with stupid terms and conditions.

    moby: Its not really free leh. My cousin paid for it and gave us.

  6. btw… for Bengawan Solo, it has a ‘dollar value’ to it. If you don’t want to redeem that particular cake on the voucher, you can buy all the kueh kueh there or cakes of the equivalent amount or top up with cash.


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