Nominate your favorite pingster now!!

The nominations for Blog Award 2007 is now open. This is the first time is having a blog award. The award will be given out on first anniversary party. I think its going to be really cool. T

There are total of 11 categories up for grabs this year.
The categories are:-

Most Entertaining Blog
Most Interactive Blog
Most Insightful Blog
Best Photoblog
Best Blog Design

Most Controversial Post
Most Entertaining Post
Most Insightful Post
Best Citizen Journalist Post

Post of The Year (Not open for Nomination)
Blog Of The Year (Not open for Nomination)

Nomination ends on 10 June 2007. After that, it will be open for all pingster to vote.

So what are you waiting for? Nominate your favorite pingster now!


  1. DK: Yup… there’s a more interactive blog out that. XiaXue lor… she’ll delete your comments when it’s not to her satisfaction.

  2. I don’t read XiaXue. Very bo liao.

    So far I only delete spam and some comments from personal friends who revealed too much about myself in their comments.

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