What’s Your Symbol Meme?

I was being tagged by the love specialist few weeks ago. This is a tough tag. Got me thinking for quite some time. OK, maybe not as tough as the one that the Chio Chio De Aunty gave me in Apr.

I hope I’m doing it correctly. 🙂

I think the best symbol to represent me is the “Question Mark”.

Why the question mark? It is not because I ask a lot of questions.

I feel that the question mark symbol best represent me because I’m still an unknown factor. I still don’t know what exactly am I capable of doing. I’m still a question mark. But we are going to find out soon.

Perhaps if I were to do this meme few years later, it would be a better symbol.

Tag 5 people:
(I’m going to tag the least expected people. 😀 )


  1. Hey DK, thanks for making your symbol public.

    Wow, a question marks also holds a lot of possibilities. That only means you have lots of potential to develop into the person you’d like to be, if you aren’t till that yet haha…. 😀

  2. kloudiia: Yes, I feel that there are a lot of possibilities for me. May not all be towards the good side. But still, I’ll be making serveral changes over the next few years. So I guess the question mark best represent me now. 🙂

  3. xdiorangelx: This one considered ok already. I last time ganna one still got word limits one. Machim like writting GP paper. 😛

  4. Thanks for tagging me dk….I think. Anyway I did up my post, but decided not to tag anyone in return. Considering my friends, most likely we will get finger gestures or other appendages being used for symbols.

    Anyway, here’s the link.

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