Too Long For Twitter, Too Short For Blog #5

Singnet upgrade 1500kbps to 3mbps
Got a letter from Singnet informing me that they will be upgrading my 1500kbps broadband to 3mbps.

This shows that the broadband speed I’m using is too slow and has become obsoleted.

Hitchoo oops
One thing I don’t like about the Hitchoo cards is that you have to write the username and passkey on the card yourself. My handwriting sucks. It’s going to ruin the look of the card. The gal might not even recognise the words that I wrote.

And when you got 8 cards to write at one go, chances are, you will make an error.

Oops…. I wrote the passkey on the userid field. One less Hitchoo card.

decayonnet IPO
I discovered that my blog is listed on the stock exchange. Well, Blog Stock Market to be exact. The share price is at B$2,830.31 per share currently. Wow.

Wondering what the exchange rate to real currency. If the money is good, I might consider selling my blog. Haha….

PS:The currency they use is B$…. which reminds me of Bull Shit.

Yahoo! to Apprentice
I don’t know if I’m the last person on earth to know this. But you can watch Apprentice Season 6 on Yahoo! TV. In case you don’t know, I love to watch The Apprentice. There is always a lesson to take away from every episode.

Its great that I can watch The Apprentice legally online. In the past, I have to use illegal means to get my hands on the video files. Can die from waiting for local television station to air season 6.

PS: If you don’t want to know who is the winner for season 6, then find something to cover the top right corner.

Blog to America
Got an email from one of the owner of a very cool blog call Blog to America. He invited me to submit an entry to their blog. Blog to America is a place where foreign perspectives on the United States could be voiced and heard by normal, everyday people across the globe.

Interesting concept. Love the idea. If you have anything you want to let Americans know, feel free to submit an entry. I will write an entry on Iraq war when I got the time.

Perhaps Singapore should also do this too. So that we can see how others view Singapore.

Some gal cannot make her drunk
Went for a birthday party at the clinic recently. Our mission was simple, make the birthday gal drunk. After I made 3 person drunk in one night at my friend’s wedding, I thought this is going to be simple. But I soon found out that some gal cannot make drunk one. Cause when they are drunk, they do this.



  1. What arm only?

    I thought there is another part, (that it is more painful than the pain it would cause by the zip).

    Please show it lah..hahaha…

  2. not bite mark meh? I thought it is a bite mark leh…

    if it’s bite mark then just admit lah… dun bluff saying it’s pinch mark… who will believe that pinch mark will become like that one? 😛

    you better rub on it to spread the bruise… bet it will spread until quite a big patch…

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