Do you have a Prima Donna in your office?

“Prima donna” is Italian for “first lady”. The term was used to designate the leading female singer in the opera company, the person to whom the prime roles would be given. Nowadays the term often signifies a vain, obnoxious and temperamental person who, although irritating, cannot be done without.

I love Dilbert comic. I’m glad that I got the calender so that it can company me everyday at work. Sometimes the comic really reflect my workplace. For example, this few days, the comic is talking about a newly hired Prima Donna who declared that he is above the rules and can walk around the office without pants.

Do you have a Prima Donna in your office?

No, he doesn’t have to go around the office without pants. That is too extreme. But do you have someone who is so full of himself and break the rules in office. And nobody, not even his boss can do anything about it because he is indispensable.

I have one at my office. If you can still remember, I wrote about him here about four months ago.

What happen was that I needed him to help get do something. Without asking, he raised his voice, shouted at me and slam the phone. I’m fine if he doesn’t want to help, but is there a need to shout and slam phone?

I understand from my colleague that he is holding on to some very important task in the company. His knowledge is very good and he is indispensable in his team. Which explains why no action was taken against him after I wrote an email to his boss. Not even a reply from his boss. Nothing! I think the boss just ignore my email. He didn’t do anything because this guy is important to his team. He is indispensable.

I thought of escalating this issue to higher level. But I wonder, what’s the point? This guy is a Prima Donna. He can pee on the director’s desk and the director still have to smile at him. So what if I bring the issue to higher level? It will only force them to cover up the issue. They might even turn the table against me just to protect him.

Its sad to see a company with such people around. Nobody should be indispensable. Nobody should be king. Nobody should be treated like a Prima Donna.

I’m sure there are more Prima Donna in my company. I won’t be surprised. I just hope I don’t get to work with anyone of them.


  1. Oh God, I think what would be more surprising in my office is who is NOT a prima donna. Almost everybody here is one. I think it’s the culture here.

    save me!

  2. Hahaha… Never thought of it that way… Still… I want to get away from here. I think it was wrong for me to have accepted a job here in the first place.

  3. Thank God for headhunters then. I’m starting a new job next month after I’m done with a project here. Woohoo!

    Can’t wait for that!

  4. dk,
    You work hard to become a Prima Donna too lor. Then can throw your weight around. And you can strut around without your pants too, because I can lend you my skirts. hehehe…

  5. ECL: Become a Prima Donna? Aiya… wrong track liao lah. Should specialise in other area.

    Wear ur skirt? Cannot lah… too loose for me leh.

    bobo: Issit? Then that is bad leh.

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