AssignmentSG on the shelf

I’ve been wanting to write this entry for weeks but I couldn’t find the right words. It’s kinda hard for me to say this.

I wrote about having an idea for something using the blog back in April. I wanted to go ahead with the plans after my exams in late May and put some teaser post. But after my exams, I begin having second thoughts. No, I’m not afraid of risk or failure.

There are a couple of reasons why I decided not to go ahead with the plans. One of the reasons is because I bump into a website that is doing something similar. Not exactly the same way, but somehow a little bit similar. The website wasn’t very successful to begin with. I need to improve on their shortcoming and come out with something better. I need to change the current plans so that I will not end up the same fate as them. And currently, I don’t have any solution to that problem. So I decided to shelf the idea first.

The other reason why I decided not to go ahead with this is because I got another idea I have in mind. Nothing fanciful. But it a nice little project to do because I get to use this chance to learn about the things I wanted to learn myself. Talk about killing 2 birds with 1 stone.

So I’ll be putting AssignmentSG on the shelf for the time being. Not sure if I’ll bring it back later or not. Let see how. Sorry if my teaser post managed to tease anyone of you.


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