I'm a Mac fan stuck in a Windows world

I always wonder why am I using a windows device. It seems like I should be using a Mac instead. I love Mac and I always try to watch all the keynotes to keep up with the development at Apple.

So why am I on a PC? Well, for a start, my first computer is a PC. I didn’t heard of Mac until several years later at my friend’s house. He is a Mac user, and I was amazed by the graphical user interface operating system. It is so much better than the windows 3.1 that I was using. That was in the early 90s. I became a Mac fan.

But whenever I buy a new computer, I always go for a PC instead of a Mac. I have no choice because my school is using PC and if I use Mac, I won’t be able to use most of the software.

I’m a Mac fan stuck in a Window world.

I stayed up last night reading the keynote on macrumor. It started at 1am Singapore time and ended at 2.30am. I slept at 3am. I didn’t bother to try watching the webcast since it will most likely be overloaded. Even reading the text makes me excited. Leopard will be shipping this coming October. The new features look great. I love bootcamp and spaces. Oh… and dashboard too. I’ve always loved dashboard. And now they are coming with something call web clip that lets you add portion of webpage to the dashboard easily. COOL!

One more thing…. Safari 3 beta is now available on Windows. I’ve downloaded it and tried for awhile. Looks great, but it’s abit buggy. Hanged several times. There even reports of security risk. Not a very good start.

Was kinda disappointed that Steve didn’t announce a new iMac. There was a rumor about a brushed aluminum iMac. Or will it be announced later?

You can read more about the keynote here.

I am so tempted to get a iMac now. My desktop has been down for quite some time. I’ll attempt to do CPR on it. But still, I want a new desktop. This desktop is too old already. Its time to upgrade. And I can buy a Mac this time because I have a windows laptop. And there is also bootcamp. So I don’t need to worry about times when I die die need a windows.

But according to macrumors buying guide, this is not the best time to buy a iMac. Apple might release a new model soon.

Actually, it’s not a good time to buy any Mac device now. Leopard is coming in October. Perhaps I should wait till October before buying a iMac.


  1. I guess you and I can form a club called “Mac-users-stuck-with-PCs” for the time being. 🙂

    Am also going to chuck my PC once I saved enough for a Macbook Pro, so that’ll definitely be after Oct when Leopard is out.

  2. sicarii: I think we can form a support group or something. Looks like there are a lot of people stuck with Windows too.

    But actually, with bootcamp now, I think its easier for everyone to switch over to Mac. 🙂

  3. I’m in the same predicament as you but am seriously considering a MacBook since they’re now using Intel chipsets. That means that you can dual-boot both Mac and Windows on a MacBook using a virtualization software like Bootcamp, Parallels or VMware.

    A friend of mine did that last month because he thought that a MacBook would be a good “ice-breaker” when he met clients.

    Anyway, he has no major complaints so far with the dual-boot setup …except the single-button mouse. 🙂

  4. DK…don think there’s any excuse not to get a Mac…other than wait for Leopard. Not much s/w incompatibilities anymore as compared to yesteryears…

    as for the mouse issue…get a microsoft mouse 😉

  5. larry: I think its good that they moved to Intel. Although the hardcore Mac fans would disagree.

    Jim: Mighty mouse is 2 button too. 🙂

  6. Seriously speaking, there’s nothing that a Mac cannot do (better) than a PC in terms of productivity and other tasks.

    About the only reasons most people stick with PCs are that (1) they are easier and sometimes cheaper to upgrade and maintain, and (2) games, games, games.

  7. sigh…. guys.*roll my eyes*

    I hear this in the office,
    I hear this in my house,
    I hear this in the blogosphere,
    now I hear it from dk here.

  8. Sicarii: Well, in the past, Mac was quite expensive. And don’t have a lot of software.

    I guess Steve did a good job. Now it’s playing catching up with Windows.

  9. CCDA: Mac is good. You should get a Macbook for yourself and a iMac at home.

    So next time when you go oversea, you can always use iChat to do video conferencing with HHDU and Jaymes. 😀

  10. Bro, there is never a good time or bad time. The catching up is never-ending. Go for your needs and your budget 🙂

    I am planning to rid off my iBook G4 to a MacBookPro cos the needs is increasing and the ibook is stretching .. hee

  11. Well… It’s more of wants than needs. I think I’ll wait for Leopard. 🙂

    So what you going to do with your old G4? Give me? 😀

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