Sometimes I wonder what is the point of having a firedrill.

We were informed about the firedrill a few days before it took place. In fact, some of us even know the exact timing of the firedrill.

It seems like we can actually predict the fire and do the logistic before the fire breakout.

I am the IC for my team. 5 hours before the firedrill started, someone gave a namelist for marking attendance at the assembly area.

4 hours before the firedrill, I overheard someone from the building management reminding another guy to go the office to collect his safety vest and hat required for the firedrill later.

We are suppose to gather at a car park. They reserved the parking lot in the morning so that no cars can park there. They even set up barriers and labels at the assembly area for everyone to fall in according to their office level.

Note, they did all these before the fire alarm goes off.

What is the point of such firedrills? Everyone is preparing for the ‘fire’ even before the fire alarm goes off. Can the firedrill carry out smoothly if we aren’t informed about it before hand? I doubt so. Look at the amount of stuff they prepare before the fire started.

It’s as if we can predict when the fire will break out and prepare for it in the morning. If that is the case, then why not just call 995 before the fire start?


  1. I was wondering… if there is a fire today, would we be able to get out off the building smoothly like exactly what we did yesterday

  2. I never got the idea of a fire drill except maybe when I was in primary and all we could think about was run like crazy everywhere…

  3. actually this is get everyone familiarise the gathering place, what to do, etc.

    Of coz when everyone is familiarise, they can do a drill to catch everyone off guard…

  4. furfur: true also. But they will keep doing this again and again.

    I think they just want to pass the firedrill with flying colours.

  5. Aiyo, fire-drill is to test the effectiveness of the evacuation plan. If a the drill is made known to everybody and yet under a peaceful situation, it still cork-up, then obviously something is wrong right?

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