PITA can be a pain even when he is on leave

You know PITA has reach the max power of PITA-ness when he can be a pain even when on leave.

I was rather surprised that our teamlead approved PITA’s two weeks leave. He has a very important project that is suppose to roll out at the end of the month. Although he has completed the coding, but the testers are still doing their testing. Who is going to support the testers when there is a problem?

I knew something will surely go wrong during this 2 weeks. Its a very big and important project. It is near impossible for everything to go smoothly without any glitches.

So what happen was, the testers requested for a portion to be improved. Since PITA is not around, my teamlead approached me and ask me to do the change. My first reply to him was “NOW you regretted approving his leave right?”.

Actually, I don’t mind covering any of my colleagues when they are on leave. Anyone EXCEPT PITA. Why should I be covering his job when he is on leave? He doesn’t deserve it. But what to do?

PS: My teamlead forward to me an email conversation between him and another teamlead and wanted me to follow up on the issue. In one of the email to the other teamlead, he wrote something that made me laugh out loudly at my desk.

“My right hand man is out of town currently…..”

Hahahahaha…… If PITA is your right hand man, then I think you are crippled.