A friend of mine emailed me recently about a business plan that he has. He send me a very draft plan and suggested meeting up for some discussion. Well, the draft is really very very brief that I have no idea what he wanted to do.

So we met today at geek terminal (again) to discuss about his idea. He wanted my opinions about the business idea he had. I must say that the idea sounds good, but isn’t perfect yet. Still quite a bit of things need to be worked out. I tried to help by pinpointing some of the areas where he might need be more careful about. Hope I would be of a great help to him.

I won’t say what he is planning to do yet since he is not ready. You don’t want copycats to know your idea before you roll out your products.

I also discussed with him the plans that I have. He is very supportive of the idea and suggested another way of executing the plans. He suggested that I hire web programmers to do the job instead of picking up the language myself. Worth considering… but I still prefer to get myself dirty. We will see how.

It was a pleasant meeting. I must say that I really felt very honored that he came to me for opinions. And thanks for the coffee treat. 🙂

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